7 Secrets to Successfully Marketing a Doctor’s Office

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One of the many definitions of marketing for a doctor’s office, weather you are an oftalmologist, pediatrician or urology specialist, is: The ongoing process of finding, attracting and retaining patients. That’s simple, short…and more challenging than ever to achieve with success.

Amid today’s constantly changing healthcare landscape, successful medical practitioners—the people and practices that stand head and shoulders above the competition—are both skilled clinicians and savvy entrepreneurs. They recognize that, more than ever, medicine is a profession, but healthcare is a business.

On the pages of this website, Healthcare Success provides a rich resource of practical advice and how-to instructions about the many strategies and tactics for finding and communicating with prospective patients, existing patients and referral sources. Continue reading “7 Secrets to Successfully Marketing a Doctor’s Office”

6 tips for marketing a practice outside social media

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Online marketing strategies are important, but experts on marketing medical practices say it takes more than a virtual presence to persuade people to visit a particular physician and tell friends and family to do the same. Practices may have to use some good, old-fashioned paper, metal or plastic to get out various messages.

“Patients are seeing 10,000 messages a day,” said Steven V. Dubin, president of PR Works in Kingston, Mass., who works with medical practices “If you want yours to break through the clutter, you need to make sure it’s high-impact and in different forms.”

Such marketing efforts do not have to consume large amounts of money or staff time. Actually, some of these six quick and cheap ways to get the message out are deceptively simple. Continue reading “6 tips for marketing a practice outside social media”

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Your Practice

Source: American Academy of Ophtalmology

Administrators and managing physicians often view marketing solely as advertising to attract new patients. Marketing is stereotyped as newspaper ads, billboards and direct mail campaigns, with LASIK surgery advertising currently being the most obvious.

Marketing is in fact, however, any activity that moves your practice in a desired direction. Directions might include increasing income, deterring new competitors, retaining market share, shifting payer patterns, introducing new services, recruiting new providers, entering new marketplaces or combating negative publicity.

There are many activities that might be considered “good practice” or “good management” that fit under the broad definition of marketing. These included strategic planning, patient relations, insurance plan contracting, recall systems, practice hours, practice acquisition, office location and ancillary products and services.

A comprehensive guide on marketing ophthalmology would fill a book, but here are a few refresher pointers on the basics as it applies today. Continue reading “Top 10 Marketing Tips for Your Practice”

5 Things You Don’t Know About Marketing To Doctors

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Physicians are the central stakeholders in U.S. medicine. Each doctor averages a couple thousand patients under care and controls a couple million in healthcare spend each year. But for marketers, doctors are often seen as one of the most challenging and expensive groups to reach. There are less than a million practicing physicians in the U.S. and each is highly specialized in their daily work. Many of the things marketers hold true for other consumer and business audiences are entirely false in medicine. Here are five unexpected facts about physicians you should consider for your next marketing campaign: Continue reading “5 Things You Don’t Know About Marketing To Doctors”